Welcome to Pink Coyote


It's Hot! It's Happening! Native American Jewelry is the most popular personal adornment to wear and collect! And everything is Made In America! The jewelry is fabulous, it's fun, and you can wear as much of it as you want to. It goes with anything and everything in your closet. There is no wrong way to wear it, no place you can't wear it - wherever you go, it will go too.

Pink Coyote owner John LaBelle, who has been in the Native American Arts business for more than 25 years, hand selects every piece he chooses to sell, and is always more than happy to share the history of an item with a customer. "Jewelry is a wearable art form," said LaBelle, who takes pride in knowing that all the jewelry sold is American made. Each piece is genuine, unique, and hand-crafted by Native American Indians.

When you walk through the doors of Pink Coyote in downtown Eagle River, you are immediately submersed in the soft Native American music and beautiful decorations that surround you. Necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, baskets, rugs and pottery adorn the mirrored walls and breathtaking display cases, and set the mood for a memorable shopping experience. The Pink Coyote has one of the largest selections of Native American jewelry in the Northwoods, and shoppers of all ages are sure to find that perfect and unique item to fit their tastes and styles.

With a vast variety of jewelry handcrafted by many southwestern Native American tribes including Navajo, Zuni and Hopi, each unique piece is staged in a beautiful setting, creating an atmosphere where you can browse and enjoy your surroundings. The display presentation is more of a gallery of museum quality, rather than a gift shop with racks of items.

Jewelry is by far the main focus of Pink Coyote, but you will find many more offerings in this beautifully decorated store. Hand crafted items such as pottery, dreamcatchers, kachina dolls, rugs, peace pipes, baskets and fetishes of all kinds will be found scattered around the store. Contemporary and classic pieces made of sterling silver, stones of all colors, and brightly colored beads line the display shelves. You will find opals, onyx, coral, mother-of-pearl, spiny oysters, jasper, amber, and of course, all grades of turquoise.

The welcoming atmosphere of Pink Coyote makes browsing the breathtaking displays of Pink Coyote both intriguiging and enjoyable. Be sure to make the Pink Coyote one of your destinations while you are in Eagle River - it's an experience you won't want to miss!

At the present time we are only able to accept phone or in-store orders, but if you are looking for something special, please give us a call and we will do our best to help you find the perfect piece. We offer personal service with attention to detail to help you with your selection, and each piece carries at 15 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We invite you to visit Pink Coyote in person at our store located in the beautiful Northwoods in downtown Eagle River, Wisconsin, where we have been helping and serving our friends and neighbors for more than 25 years.

Our Eagle River store is open daily year around, and can be found next to the Vilas Cinema at 212 E. Wall Street in downtown Eagle River. For more information call 715-479-9831 or email info@PinkCoyote.us.